How to get more YouTube Subscribers

How to build a great YouTube Vlog Channel

It can be disheartening when you post your vlog on YouTube and yet the viewing figures are no where near what you want and trying to build your subscribers to the channel is just as hard. Here are some top tips for growth:

1. Use Social Networks

To begin with remember the word ‘social’, if you get any comments be sure to reply back and build a more loyal following. Also different users exist on different social media from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest and your content may perform better on a specific social network. So test all of them and be flexible and fluid to what the market is telling you. Use your YouTube dashboard to analyse analytics and performance of the different social networks you use.


2. Be Consistent and Disciplined

This rule applies to just about everything we do where we want success. It is no good making a vlog one day and then not producing any new content for another few weeks. If you want someone to subscribe they need to see the benefit and also want to follow you. The odd vlog here and there will not build any kind of loyal following. If you say you will make a vlog once a week, make a vlog once a week.

3. Content is King, Never forget this

When it comes to vlogging then viewers just want great content and polish and quality of the editing and aesthetics is less important. Don’t get hung up on visuals, make your focus all about what the message is for the viewer.  How is your content going to differentiate itself in a crowded vlogger market place. Don’t copy others, learn by all means but more important is understand your niche.

4. Get Your Vlogs in front of New Viewers!

Part of the reason Vlog Monkey came about was to help connect vloggers with new audiences. YouTube is so big now that vloggers become homogeneous and lost. As hard as you try you cannot grow your subscribers and views to the levels you dream of.

Likewise viewers find it very difficult to find the exact vloggers and categories they want to watch. YouTube is a basically one search box and that is the only way you can hope to get seen.

Now Vlog Monkey connects you with viewers who we already know love great vlog content – it is why the use Vlog Monkey after all!

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