How Vlog Monkey helps Vloggers ?

Vlog Monkey is essentially an aggregator for great vlogs, which means it puts vloggers in front of more new viewers.

All video posted is an embed that links directly to each vloggers own You Tube channel. This means vloggers get accredited with the view, can attract new subscribers to their channel and also can still serve their own You Tube banners on the Vlog Monkey platform.

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If you are a vlogger wishing to get your vlogs published on Vlog Monkey then you can register for FREE and submit your vlogs via our online form which is quick and easy to complete each time. Vlog Monkey reserve the right not to publish any vlogs not deemed fit for the site.

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How Vlog Monkey can help Vloggers better than YouTube

YouTube has millions of video that covers every subject and not just vloggers,  it is therefore very difficult for vloggers to get stand out and also for viewers to search just vloggers and by specific categories.

YouTube is the number two search engine and it should be treated just as that – a search engine.

Vlog Monkey is refined and targeted just for vlogs and from a wide range of interests and channels. Further more it is very easy for viewers to find a vlog that they want to watch.

If you are a vlogger you need to be on Vlog Monkey if you want to grow your YouTube channel quickly.

Vlog Monkey also promotes your vlogs by pushing out on social networks and weekly eNewsletters.

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