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Hilarious Pranks

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Third story floor fall prank

Dan Cheeseman /

This prank is as hilarious as it is shocking. Watch …

Yet More Funny Pranks!

Dan Cheeseman /

Can you really ever get enough of seeing unsuspecting pranks …

10 Very Scary Pranks!

Dan Cheeseman /

The list on online video pranks are endless and for …

Pranking my Husband and Son

Betts14 /

This vlogger got much joy in playing practical jokes against …

Are these the top 5 pranks of all time?

Dan Cheeseman /

If you need cheering up then this compilation of top …

Jackson’s funniest moments!

Dan Cheeseman /

If you need cheering up then his vlog could be …

You won’t do it challenge!

Dan Cheeseman /

This is so daft that even my kids love watching …