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Thailand Bar Stories – Does Age or Weight Matter?

simonlos /

Popular Thai based vlogger Simon LOS has many years of experience in Thailand. Let Simon …


5 healthy habits that changed my life

dancheeseman /

It is all too easy to choose the easy life and neglects one health, but …


Top 10 best countries to immigrate to by 2020

dancheeseman /

Countries are analysed based on 7 different parameters. The target of 2020 is based on …


Top 5 Biggest Mistakes when you go to Dubai

dancheeseman /

Dubai is flourishing and all set to become the biggest tourist destination in the world. …


Cost Retiring Abroad Comparing Thailand to Portugal

dancheeseman /

For many of us living in just the one country for our entire life is …


24 Downsides to Living in the Caribbean

dancheeseman /

Whether you are just searching for a new life or you are considering moving abroad …


First comes Sex in Iceland

dancheeseman /

Iceland is, by all accounts, the most sexually liberated country in the world. We imagine …


Life of a Billionaire

dancheeseman /

This vlog takes you behind the scenes of a real life billionaire as he travels …


How not to be boring

dancheeseman /

Do you ever feel you lack that spark or presence when talking with others? Well, …


Making it to the North Pole

dancheeseman /

How a trip to the North Pole became an emotional life-changing experience for this vlogger …


Historical Sukhothai and more breathtaking views

ianwheldale /

Ian Wheldale visits Sukhothai Historical Park in Thailand and shows it to you both in …


A Day in the Life Living in Vietnam

dancheeseman /

Alison is a digital nomad and English teacher has the luxury of being able to …


Hot Springs in Melbourne

dancheeseman /

Join Jasmine Lipska as she tries the hot springs in Melbourne Australia for the first …


American models first visit to Thailand

dancheeseman /

Deanne Munoz and friend head to Phuket. She has a big following on You Tube …



seelautravel /

This video shows why you must go to Morocco and checkout the Sahara Desert! 2 …


Should YOU visit Koh Chang?! (Thailand)

seelautravel /

Thailand has many popular islands and Koh Chang is one of them. Should you visit …


2am Haircut in Istanbul turned into full on man-spa treatment

dancheeseman /

This vlog went crazy viral of Jason and with good reason. What started off as …


Trip back to UK reaffirmed my decision to move to Thailand

dancheeseman /

Have you ever wanted to live in another country or perhaps you already took the …


Romantic boat trip in Canterbury

dancheeseman /

Steve Booker, more known for his vlogs on fashion, takes a trip to Canterbury in …


The spiciest curry in the world!

dancheeseman /

The SPICIEST Curry in The WORLD Challenge made with not just ghost peppers but with …


Dangerous Food that can Kill

dancheeseman /

16 exotic foods that can actually kill you. Would you eat cheese filled with maggots …


Super rare and exotic street food in Chaing Mai, Thailand

dancheeseman /

Popular travel food vlogger 'Best Ever Food Review Show' takes the trip to Chaing Mai …


7 cool ways to open beer

dancheeseman /

If you thought the only way to open a bottle of a beer was with …


Wine for Beginners

dancheeseman /

If you want to know the difference between your Merlot and a Pinot Noir or …


Street Food in Malaysia

dancheeseman /

Popular Asian based food vlogger Mark Weins is this time in Malaysia and was wowed …


Extreme Thai Food

dancheeseman /

Mark Wein is in Bangkok, Thailand, and trying out some awesome street food including, as …


Huge Shark Heart in Japan

dancheeseman /

Sonny is once more daring to try some of the more unusual food in Japan …


Shocking Japanese Food

dancheeseman /

Join Sonny in one of his most viewed vlogs ever as he tries live Sashimi …


MASSIVE Seafood FEAST in Sri Lanka – INSANE Fish Market and HOME COOKED Sri Lankan FISH CURRY HEAVEN

vadmin /

WOWWW!! We found INSANE Seafood in Sri Lanka! This MASSIVE Seafood Fish Market and home …


Thai Bar Girls Hidden Secrets

simonlos /

Thai based vlogger Simon tries and explain in this video about girls secrets that work …


5 Tips for being a Classy Lady

dancheeseman /

Long has there been an etiquette for how to act in order to be perceived …


50,000 new YouTube subscribers in one month

dancheeseman /

For many vloggers it is next to impossible to get the growth they want and …


10 habits of ALL successful people

dancheeseman /

How can you stand out and rise above the crowd? Often it is not just …


Grow a small business fast

dancheeseman /

There are some people in business that you have to listen to and AliBaba's Jack …


How to start and then grow your YouTube Channel

dancheeseman /

It is a competitive arena to compete in when it comes to vlogging but also, …


How to be a better parent

dancheeseman /

Dr. Shefali has sparked a parenting revolution. Learn from the woman challenging everything we know …


How to manipulate and influence people

dancheeseman /

We are surrounded by messages from marketers looking to influence us. If we understand how …


Cost Retiring Abroad Comparing Thailand to Portugal

dancheeseman /

For many of us living in just the one country for our entire life is …


How to get ANY girl to like you

dancheeseman /

If you've ever wondered how to create attraction out of thin air, get ANY girl, …